Total Service Solution

 One-stop professional services ,let you are easy and satisfied !
Wanray can provide the following One-stop professional services:
1. Wanray develops the special and suitable supplier according the requirement of clients, so we can provide the service of developing excellent supplier.
2. Wanray controls the quality in full process, so wanray can provide the service of providing qualified products.
3. Wanray has the warehouse of 3000 square meters, to meet the requirements according to the order of the clients delivery, so wanray can provide small orders service.
4. Wanray has professional packaging designers, packaging can be provided accord the request of clients, so wanray can provide professional packaging service.
5. Wanray has long-term cooperation logistics, freight forwarding companies, professional documents personnel ,so wanray can provide professional logistics service.
6. Wanray can provide quality after-sale service.
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